Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Day We Leave...

Or not... To enter India a visa is required. One visa per person. One visa per person that is not yet in transit from the Indian consulate = one Fischer family *not* leaving for India today.

It was just last week that Bob made the comment: "We could sure use just one more week!" And thus the Universe provides :-)

A little frustrating, perhaps, but we are cultivating our flexibility and notions of impermanence! Though we've been building toward this moving day for a couple of months we also realize that this time is a gift...more time to pack, more time to say goodbye, more time to do a few special things like, um, maybe head to the Great Minnesota Get Together to gorge on fried food on a stick?? Today also happens to be my mother's birthday. Leaving on your mother's birthday (taking along her two much-loved grandchildren...for, oh about, say, two years) is generally not viewed with exaltation... Another week makes everybody happy!

That coupled with the realization that the movers would have been mighty displeased to see the state of our packing had they arrived as scheduled on Friday, is evidence that fate has apparently intervened on our behalf.

The kids are taking it all in stride, the dog is confused as hell, the refrigerator is empty and the moving boxes are winning...just your typical move to India. We'll try again next week!


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fatguytriing said...

I was glad to have met you finally even though you guys were all in Crisis Lock Down Mode!

I will miss having lunch with Bob every month or so. That was really nice.

Good luck to all of you. And make sure you know of a good place to stay if I come over. :)