Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some Pictures...

Due to the fact that we've had some minor internet issues and haven't been able to post as much as I would like (our ISP is currently blocking blogger for some reason...perhaps they fear our revolutionary tendencies?) we thought we'd share some photographs of the kids and our neighborhood in Palm Meadows. The neighborhood pics are taken from our front rooftop patio looking out and the bottom photos with Grayce in her school uniform (Owen doesn't have to wear one) were taken on the kids first day at Gopalan school. We are finally getting out and about and remembering to carry our camera with us, so check back soon for pictures of the city in all its color, grime and glory!
Missing you all!
The Fischers


Susan Schneider said...

Dear Chandra and Bob,
Just got off the phone with Gramma Rose. Have spent an enjoyable time reading all your blog entries. The pictures are beautiful, and your stories are so real. Great blog. Hugs to Grayce and Owen. Congrats on your "great adventure"..can't wait to hear more....Love, Sue & Bob

Sinead M said...

Hey there Chandra, Bob, Grayce and Owen.
Sinead here. We've been loving checking your blog, and will be showing pics to friends at school. Once Parent Ed and conferences are over, we will be working on our pen-pal skills.
Love to you all!

Adi said...

Hi there everyone!Speaking to you on the phone about a week ago and seeing the most recent photos make you so seem so close!Did you ever find your dish drainer?Target,Bed Bath +Beyond,or Linens and things have some nice lightweight stainless steel ones in medium to large size.Do you want me to pick one up?Do they go regular mail ?
Are you sure the rats won't follow you to your new home and do a movie version of Rattatouille in your kitchen.
How can I send you photos..send them to your e-mail,yup,I will do that.I will send some photos of the Falls,and when my Mom was here from Florida visiting in mid September.Hugs and kisses ,Adi

jimwalby said...

Hey everyone,
Love the blog! I will share with a friend in India she works real close to where you live.

Just ran the TC10 with my mom, she was happy to finish and I don't know if she was more excited coming in before me or the Kare 11 gals :-) (seconds difference).

Jim couldn't find any takers for his number and he wasn't about to run.

Chicago marathon cancelled. 11K of the 35K racers didn't get to finish because of the heat wave.

Tell Grayce and Owen that Cole and Lewis say "Hi"! -RD

Adi said...

Chandra,you are such an incredible writer and storyteller.You are funny and keep me at the edge of my seat ..with a big grin.I check your blog several times a week and am delighted when you make a new entry,so keep it up!Shelby and her boyfriend Ron have moved from Stillwater to a newer house in Woodbury.They are having a housewarming tonight,Sat.Oct 13.Dick Voda is coming up to visit and Rose,Dick,Rolf and I are are all going to go together.It is sunny,in the mid 40's and will get to 60 today which will be great!I have been wearing sundresses for 4 months and I just hate it when I have to start wearing jeans and socks again.About 30 percent of the leaves are gone,but give it another 2 weeks and the trees will be bare.The time change happens on November 4th this year,fall back one hour which means it will be dark by 5PM..icky poopy!What time does it get dark in India?
We shall take some pictures at Shelby's housewarming tonight and also when Alicia comes next week.I will send them on when we download them.Hugs and kisses to everyone!Love Adi

Melanie said...

Great work.