Saturday, January 19, 2008

15 minutes in Thailand...

The kids were tired and hungry in that manic way that the combination strikes young children... Look sideways at them in the wrong way and they fall into a liquid puddle of hot tantrum soup. But they still need to eat. You could scrounge the bottom of your traveling pack and let them feast on cracker crumbs and melting M&M's (they do TO melt!) but that option won't feed the adults in the group.

So it was that we walked the long alley from our guesthouse in Bangkok to a small hotel restaurant where Owen became incensed, screeching, "I WANT SQUID. I SAID I WANT TO EAT SQUID! NOW, DADDY " as a plate of rice noodles and chicken was placed before him.

Okay, then. Squid for the youngster. We clinked our beer mugs and toasted the moment.

A quick squid dinner...a walk back down the dark alley... a bump into a baby elephant out for his promenade. 100 Baht lets 'em feed the elephant and go for a quick ride. And the day is done...

A round of Squid and Elephant for everyone.

Oh, by the way. 91 degrees in Bangkok. -12 degrees (w/ -31 windchill) in Minnesota. Over 100 degree swing. Weird.

The Fischers

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Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Chandra ... love your blog with all of the updates and adventures!

I was wondering if you were keeping track of the frigid weather here! And we got 8 inches of snow dumped on us yesterday too (heard it was much less in the cities though ... La Crosse seems to be getting more snow than the north regions this year). It's supossed to warm up to a balmy 20 or so this weekend ... do you miss it even a little? :-)

Either way, the 100 degree swing is interesting to think about.