Thursday, July 31, 2008

What We Have Been Up To...

I've gotten enough guff from my husband about "30 Blogs in 30 Days" to sense that I've missed the mark... Did you know that there are at least 30 Days in most months? Oh. Except that the kids and I leave for the U.S. in 18 days, for 6 weeks and we'll be far too busy sipping really large, extra shot, a-little-on-the-wet-side-Cappucinos, sampling multiple vats of Pumphouse Creamery Ice Cream and eating real, honest, beef to come up for air and post a daily blog.

*Sigh* Which essentially puts us into October...where I am sure to have forgotten any blogging promises made.

Here's an update:

*We still live here.

*We're still going to be living here, for a while.

*Today, we innoculated petri dishes of agar and chicken bouillon with spit samples. Because homeschooling inspires us to really gross our selves out!

*The Monsoon has arrived...and I keep forgetting my umbrella...and Owen loves being caught in the rain so much that he manages to convince me that the dark clouds overhead won't produce rain and we get really, really wet that the security guards at the Maintenance Office near our villa, laugh. Heartily. Mostly at my expense.

*Grayce remains..."the toothless wonder"

*Mama cat, shamelessly pregnant again...before I'd managed to get her to a vet. Since 2 of her kittens are still hanging around, she's taken leave for greener pastures.

*Grayce spends as much time as possible outside, carting around Ellen's "mini-me"...our new "cat that isn't our cat"...Her name is Ellie...her brother is Tiger...and they still aren't our cats!

*There seems to be a major cat problem in Palm Meadows. So much so, that we can't leave our long windows open because any variety of cats' push the velcro screens in.

*No sign of the Big Ugly Stinky Rat...but occasional cat-related rat entrails on the front porch remind us of what we are missing.

*My husband is so super-cool that he bought me a set of gorgeous gold bangles...on a Wednesday...when it wasn't my birthday...or my anything. Just because. Yay!

*Did I mention, we're coming home in 18 days for a visit? I have a childbirth educator conference in August and my sister is getting married in September...and the kids and I haven't been home for 11 months and yes, I am really looking forward to doing things, like Driving My Own Car! Drinking from the hose without getting Dysentary! Using Public Restrooms! Opening a Bottle of Beer that Doesn't Spell "Kingfisher"! Oh yeah...seeing family and friends and eating ALOT are also at the top of my list ;-) I came home from yoga the other morning and the kids had laid all their clothes out on their beds..."get the suitcases, mama, we're all packed!"

*Saree shopping...I'm "officiating" at my sister, Alicia's wedding in California. Please pray that I am able to wrap myself accurately, that my Saree Pins do not fail, and that I do not forget what I am about to say because my slip is showing! I ended up going Saree shopping with my driver, Raju...not really planned, but he was so incredibly offended for me that their wasn't a "lady tailor" to measure my blouse. It's a really beautiful Saree, though!

Overall, We are healthy and well and enjoying life here but really looking forward to our trip home!

See you Soon...

The Fischers

in India

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