Thursday, February 5, 2009

Traveling Times...

Are times like these. In all actuality it's difficult to know where to begin. Christmas came and went. The New Year arrived. Soon after, on January 2nd, Bob's parents arrived from the U.S. for a six week visit and we've been on the move, ever since. Bangalore, Pondicherry, Kerala, and then the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) plus Udaipur (Delhi and Agra are in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Jaipur and Udaipur are located in Rajasthan). Bob's parents also spent a day in Mysore and 3 days in Varanasi, on their own.

Let me start by assuring you all that having my in-laws here for 6 weeks is no hardship (people keep asking me how I'm doing...which makes me awfully grateful that I don't have THEIR in-laws!) Maybe I'm just lucky, but Barbara and Dick Fischer have always been incredibly easy and enjoyable people for me (and Bob) to be around. Since we're on the subject...if you happen to be a are hints as to why I love mine and a few pointers:

*Tell your child's spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Really. It works.

*Admire your children's parenting skills. Nothing wins a parent's heart more than hearing how wonderful a job they are doing raising the kiddos.

*Be open minded... I'm an independent woman who tends to veer out of the mainstream...breastfeeding my 3 year olds, homeschooling and studying homebirth midwifery, among other things. Despite all that...never once have I felt judged by them. Rather, they have shown a lively curiousity about who we are, what we are up to and why.

*Keep your sense of humor tuned. If you can't laugh with someone, you are in BIG trouble. other words, we mostly have a lot of fun, together. Plus, my father-in-law makes the coffee every morning, and an excellent gin and tonic in the evening. They both like dessert, my father-in-law likes to shop, and they say things like, "don't worry about us, you don't need to entertain us" and actually mean it.

Enough schmoozing...Each trip is worth a post of its own, so I'll sign off and get to work...

The Fischers, at Agra Fort. Yes, that really is the Taj Mahal in the backround next to my left shoulder! More surreal photographs to come...

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