Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

Can you break up with a place? A country? A way of life? Leaving Bangalore feels a bit like the end of a relationship in which you’ve intensely invested all of who you are…where you’ve struggled through the early parts only to emerge stronger and closer to a person you know has changed you.

At the moment we are sitting in the lounge at the Bangalore airport. Which signifies the end of a journey that has taken us across the world, introduced us to fantastic people and places, and ultimately changed our lives in a myriad of ways…some concrete, explainable and others intangible, illusory.

I have not spent time here on the blog writing about our move back to the U.S. In part, that is due to a certain amount of denial (or, as we’ve all been telling people...our desire to leave this place kicking and screaming!) But mostly, it has to do with being a part of each present moment…in the here and now, with wanting to savor our surroundings and the remaining days with the friends and “family” that were created here. Our privilege has been the gift of community that wove its way around us. India is everything you hear: dirty, loud, smelly, smoggy, crowded, corrupt, poor, difficult to understand, complicated…But it is also filled with a life and living that can’t help but pull you in if you allow it to (and as in all things, surface appearance is a terrible method of judging ultimate worth).

The past few weeks have seen parties, laughter, generosity, tears, love, last days, last minutes, one-last-times… Our children (and us, too) have both celebrated their friendships and agonized over leaving the closeness of every day contact. We’ve shared this space in life with a group of very special people and the gratitude we have for that is pretty much limitless!

We are sad. That doesn’t mean that there are not people and places we look forward to reconnecting with (there are, of course, many). We know the energy that moves life…that can’t help but compel one forward step after another and we welcome the new joys and journeys that a “new” place and new challenges bring. Still, at the moment, we are choosing to move slowly through.

Expect to see more India blogs and updates on our “repat” life… Stay tuned if you wish and if you’re an old “new” friend in our old “new” place don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Our family motto is taken from the song titled “Be Here Now” by Mason Jennings… In these few words are the keys to an open universe.

Be Well, Friends…
Whatever part of the world you’re in!
The Fischer’s
Just Leaving
Bangalore, India


Anonymous said...

Our India journey has also ended in a way with your departure... of the blogs/families we were following along with after our own departure from Bangalore in December, 2007 you are the last to leave. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences - you kept the adventure alive for us as we "re-patriated". Best wishes as you get re-settled in MN! - Jen (and Chris)

The Fischers said...

Oh Thank you! It is lovely to think of our blog as being something that helped some one else keep connected with Bangalore. Hmmm. Maybe I need to find a blog to follow!