Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving Day...

Well, we're still here. Except here, now, at least, has a house address. After three weeks in a hotel we had all had enough and we were all tired of not being able to eat a real meal at home. ( In theory, the hotel had a full kitchen. In practice, there was one semi-sharp paring knife and a few dishes...making it impossible to do more than boil water for macaroni and cheese, make a sandwich or pour a bowl of cereal.)

Everyone keeps asking us why we aren't buying a house. Interest rates are incredibly low and it is a buyer's market. The answer? Too permanent. Renting lets us keep our options open. Who knows where we may end up in the future?? (hey, we never imagined we'd live in India, either...) Honestly, most days, we still aren't sure which end is up! I do feel, however, a bit like we just graduated from college, just got married and are searching for our first place...with the exception of the two kids who won't let us stay out late, sleep in, or check out that "cool new band..."

That being the case...we started moving into "The Rental House" (as Owen calls it) on the 16th. When the humongous moving truck arrived, our new neighbors came out to watch, commenting, "That's an awful lot for that tiny house!" It was a bit like an archeological dig, being that we had little recall as to the items in our storage. Here's a tip for future reference: KEEP LESS STUFF.

By the way...Did we sell any of you our DVD player when we moved to India? We can't find it. Can't remember anything about it. No? In that case, I've got a fine assortment of assorted and mismatched dishes and towels we've had for 15 years, which, apparently, we could not bear to part with. Hmmm.

O and G spent most of that first day opening each and every box that was labeled "kids" or "toys"....therefore, their new purple room (the half story of the house) is strewn with a mix of puzzles, books, and O's toddler toys, which he is entirely confused about, "Mama, where are all my big kid toys from storage??" Ummm. Honey. You don't have any because you became a "big kid" while living in India...
Yes. Oh. Time has a way of slipping haphazardly past us...

We remedied this situation somewhat by the purchase of a t-ball set that has an automatic soft toss and pitch and introducing both boy and bat to the new back yard...
I'll bet you didn't know that herpetologists have incredible eye-hand coordination??
Yessssssssssss....ssssss. According to Owen, there might be a speckled cobra in the overgrown garden. Maybe.
Now for the sea shipment...but just where we're going to put THAT, I have no idea!
The Fischers
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