Monday, March 29, 2010


Marches on...until one morning when you wake up and realize it's nearly April!

March was on odd month for us...we've been back from India now for one whole year. Last January we lived in Bangalore and traveled to Rajasthan. Last February we traveled to Oman and started saying our goodbyes to India. Last March we visited London, moved back to Minneapolis, lived in a hotel and my Dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. Dad died this past October. So, yep. It's been quite a year since that time. Feels like 10. In all honesty, I can say that I do not recall a good part of the past year with any clarity. And so it is. Some parts of life require more of us. Some days are all about breathing and not asking more of ourselves than that. Life is sometimes about, deeply felt, letting go and that is harder than it might look on the outside. But we're all okay. Growing. Breathing. Attuned to small joys. Grief and love and breath woven into the larger pattern we are constantly creating as a family and as individual human beings. I'm glad for the grace of my children...who don't allow me to lock myself into a hermitage on some mountain top...who require us to live openly with intention and no small amount of humor. Sometimes when I am sad or angry (whether from grief or the general state of the planet) I only have to look at them to feel such profound happiness and hope and to *know* that the Universe knows exactly what it's doing even when I don't!

Peace out...

Chandra Fischer

Here's what we've been up to this past month:

Grayce and Owen with their sweet cousin, Birkeley... Our Dog, Coltrane, puts up with alot.
The kids learn to ski (Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN)...a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

Looks like Blogger won't let me post more than four photos directly from Picasa... I'll put some others up in a new posting...
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Diane said...

Today I was excited to meet a new person here for Cisco, who has a 9 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. I asked where she is from and when she said Minneapolis, I started to cry. Now, it has been a year, hasn't it, you think it would be easier. I'm used to meeting Target people from MN, but did not expect it this time. I was open and excited to possibly find a new friend, maybe that's why the things around my thoughts of you are so tender?

The Fischers said...

I love you , Diane. True friends are a find aren't they? Miss you!

Diane said...

Yesterday, Henry and I saw a little boy at the pool that reminded us of Owen. The little boy looked about 4 also. I'm not sure Henry gets that Owen has grown also.

Henry is really swimming. He learned to float yesterday as well and today was getting things off the bottom of the pool in the beach area. It's so fun.