Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Minnesota with Love...

A headline from this morning's "Times of India":

Bangalore in grip of cold wave
Bangalore: The world may be worrying about global warming but Bangaloreans are concerned about the big chill. A dip of 5.3 degrees in the last three days has pushed the minimum temperature to 12.7 degrees C (54 degrees Farehenheit,) a record low for the last 16 years.

...There's worse to follow. The met office issued a warning that the cold wave could continue for two-three days....

Beat those winter woes, P 3

Just so you all know the kind of weather we have to deal with out here! The truly sad part is that I woke up this morning and actually was cold.'ll be sunny and 80 degrees today (and pretty much for the next 4 plus months) , so I'm sure I'll get over it ;0) Did I mention how much we love the weather??

Toodle Ooooo!
The Frozen Fischers in Bangalore

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