Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tae Kwon D'ohhhhhh!

"I can take all these guys..."

"Who needs to pay attention when you've got this smile?"

"My Brother will never mess with my stuff again!"

Grayce learns the art of self defense

"Om"...Owen achieves Inner Peace.
Tae Kwon Do under a Bhodi tree. We signed the kids up for weekly lessons at a nearby "farm." Grayce works very hard, taking her turn in line, listening attentively, improving her kicks and other defensive tactics while Owen, in true 3 year old fashion, works hard for about 30 seconds and then wanders off among the climbing trees and tropical flowers, has a refreshing drink of water, pets the farm dog, "Brio", jabs his friend, "Henry", returns for another few rounds of "Kya!" kicks and punches and then lays down in the grass.
The teacher is wonderful...very patient with the kids but he makes it clear that he will not teach a child who uses Tae Kwon Do for violence. Sometimes that is a bit lost on the youngest member of the class... (yes that would be our son.)
Grayce was initially very shy... "Can't we just use our words?" She seems to be coming around, though!
Buddha achieved enlightment under a Bhodi Tree...
The Fischers in Bangalore

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. I read it all the time. So fun to read about what you guys are doing (and learning and living) Wow! And I concur with those who have said that you should seriously think of have a knack. We miss you here in cold Minneapolis. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm sending you a Christmas card but when you have a sec, email me your email address so I can send you a e-version, I have a feeling you'll get that before the hard copy! xoxoxox, Bridget