Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Automobile Adventures

Where automobiles vanish into thin (and pretty smelly) air.
Cuz' we've been hit by the Repo Man (uh, men).

Yes, readers, it seems our Deeksha car, complete with car seats and the various tidbits of our daily driving lives was reposessed en route from Palm Meadows to the Target office by 3 large and assuming men on motorbikes.

Upon calling the driver (we have a substitute because Raju was in a motorbike accident...) Bob was informed, "Sir, yes there is the car troubles." (Breakdown? Blown Tire? Keys locked out? Theft?) Bob, confused, is relieved to have Abhi at his side to translate the configuration of events.

Apparently our car lease company leases cars from private owners who do not own the vehicles they are leasing. Apparently, said "owner" has relinquished his right to pay his auto loan...

In the words of Grayce..."why, Mom, is this soooo foolish?"

That is, indeed, the question of the hour.

The Fischers in India

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