Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Things on Owen's Mind...

"Mama, mama, mama. I was jus wonderin...why is water, why is it soooooo WET?"

"Mama, can you tell me...when we are dead...are we like statues?"

"Did you see? Did you? See me doin' all those neat twicks?"

"I don't like you, Mama. I don't like you any mo! Grrrrrrr" (insert door slam).

"No kissing Daddy. Mama! I want to gwow up so we can get mawwied and have a famiwy of ow own!"

"Mama, I onwy want to dwaw...I don't want to do any of dose MESSY TINGS!"

"I'm not eatin' dat, dat's YUCKY. But mama, you know, mama, I just don't YIKE it"

"Der are mummies all around Pawm Meadows, and dey are invisible and we aw settin' up some booby twaps to catch 'em."

"I wished we neva twaveled...neva! I wanna see my famiwy but I don't wanna go to Minneawopis cuz it's toooo FAW! But I wanna go to Singapo(re)...can we take da bus?"

Owen Fischer
Expat Boy in Bangalore

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