Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marathon # 8

Got the job done, but it was not pretty. There was no option to run the half, so I was left to run the full. Finished in five hours and six minutes, a personal worst by over 30 minutes, but still was fun the run the race and see the sights. When I first started training for the race somebody told me I should drag a treadmill into a steam room to train, I thought he was kidding until I started to run the race. The combination of heat, hummidity, no wind in the downtown sections, and 15,000 bodies created a sweltering start to the race, the heat was everywhere. I was not the only one to be covered in sweat before the race had even begun. If I run Grandma's marathon next year I may have to wear a fleece to keep warm.
Before the race I made the decision to take it easy and finish in one piece as I was still not feeling 100% and had run only five miles in three weeks. Had "fun" on the course and was able to enjoy the run versus try to get a better time. One highlight was we ran through the Singapore Grand Prix paddock area and they had about 50 different Ferrari's lined up for our viewing pleasure, great excuse to walk versus run for awhile.
Chandra will be blogging about our other adventures when we return to Bangalore.
The limping Fischer


T.T.J.K.B. said...

Way to go the first beer is on me!

bridget schumacher said...

Congrats Bob! Finishing a marathon, regardless of your time, is such a great achievement. Especially in those conditions. Fun to keep up w/you guys on your blog. Hope to see you next time you're back in MN.