Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And on to the next phase...

After two weeks in a hotel one begins to dream of a return to normalcy...a return home. For us, as new expats in India this takes on a new meaning. We aren't returning from a vacation to the comfort of what we know...the slightly dusty house, a few of the kid's toys left about in the hurry to leave, the Caribou Coffee on the corner, the park just a few blocks away, the people who comfort and enrich our lives (you know who you are...grandparents, soul sisters, old friends, good neighbors, ICAN, Monday playgroupies....and many more).

Yesterday our air shipment arrived blessedly intact (and with a minimum of the wacky bueracracy that is India) and today we began the process of packing up our suite and moving into our villa in Palm Meadows. It doesn't feel like home yet. As in all new places there is a strangeness, an awkward pause in the doorway. The boxes are stacked around us. None of the familiar things about. The memories of meals past, holidays celebrated, children born, arguments had, and all the little ironies and joys of life, have not yet filled the rooms. But they will, in their own time... We miss you all and yet look forward to creating a new place for our family.

Much love to all,
Chandra, Bob, Grayce and Owen

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