Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rats in Paradise...

Ok, so you know how I keep saying that the Taj "isn't India"? Well, maybe it is, just a little. Everyone talks about the Rats in Bangalore so when we woke to Rat-like chomping in what we assumed were the walls a couple of nights ago, we mentioned it to the butler and kind of shrugged our shoulders.

The next day I noticed a few little holes in one of Owen's t-shirts ("hmm. That's weird"). And then Bob went to get dressed and saw that one of his pair of work dress pants had some holes in them ("must of gotten zipped up when they went through our bags...") At no point did either of us entertain the notion that these holes in our garments were RAT related....UNTIL, this morning, when Bob went to pull a suit out of the armoire and found more large holes in his pants. I thought, "maybe moths" but jokingly said, "hey honey, maybe it's our Rat friend" We looked at each other-(it couldn't be. Could it?) Oh, but it could! Though we didn't find additional holes we most emphatically found evidence of Rat bathroom habits...Yep, Rat Poop, stuck to the shoulders and backs of a number of our clothing items. Ugghhhhh.

Imagine if you will: Rat Trapeze Artists swinging from hanger to hanger, stopping languidly for a snack of "wool suit under glass" or perhaps carrying along small bits of fabric to pad the family Rat bed.

It wasn't long before our room was filled with people come to view our Rat love fest. And of course, Ratman...our new favorite superhero: Rat Remover doesn't even begin to cover the demands of his job. It was found that the Rat (or Rats?) were coming in through holes in the air conditioning pipes. So...pipes plugged, rat droppings removed, Ratscatted clothes sent to the hotel laundry, Bob off to the tailors for a new suit (courtesy, of course, of the hotel). An odd day in Ratville but I do have to say that the Taj handled it with the utmost speed, courtesy and professionalism (and a few extra chocolates...which reminds me to point out that our Rat didn't have to chew on clothing. We had more than enough crackers, dried soup and pumpkin seeds in one of our suitcases to make him a meal). Nevertheless, we will be switching suites as soon as one is vacated tomorrow...we accept the fact of Rat in India...we just don't want him in our hotel room!!

The Fischers in India


Tom T. said...

Hi Bob, It sounds like you have the right attitude and are rolling with whatever your new adventure sends your way. Keep the updates coming. I wish best for you and your family.

Gramma Rose said...

Remember the rats in westport, connecticut? Personally I think it was Templeton the rat Fischer! Love you and miss you all.

The Archbold's said...

Having just attended the St. John's football game I find it amusing to remind you of the fact that the Johnnie's mascot is, none other than, a...rat. I'll stick w/ the two stuffed versions the boys brought home from the SJU bookstore over you uninvited guests!