Thursday, September 27, 2007

You should have internet access in 2-3 days....

That was the conversation with the internet guy seven days ago. Chandra is having some internet withdrawal symptoms, combine that with her not having access to her morning coffee and she can be a bit “edgy” in the morning.

Everything is well over here, we moved in to our place on the 19th, the kids have started school and with a lot of help from our parents we closed on our house in Mpls. If anyone sees my parents at an airport please stop them as they have mentioned spending our house money on their next traveling adventure! Buying basic items for the Villa has been a bit of a challenge but Chandra is slowly finding what we need. Chandra vows to return soon with a much more detailed chronicling of our events.


Life with the B's~ said...

Hope you are doing well, we are very excited to move into your "old" house, our "new" house. We think it is absolutely beautiful and will take good care of it. Tell Grayce that Sydney our daughter is going to enjoy her pink room. Take care and best wishes. Sincerely, Gina & Family

mariberg said...

well, nuts! Here i am, able to view the Ever So Popular blogsite, and, well...I guess I'll just have to wait! Bob, can you keep us informed? miss you all (and love), mariana rose. and jack too