Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm In Love!

Honestly, I haven't felt this excited since Bob and I, tagging along with a friend for a "theater" *study group* that somehow included too many shots of tequila, Bob, standing in the doorway with his super cute hockey hair, cracking some lame joke, his hockey bad slung sideways across his back.

Our 12th Anniversary is this Sunday, June 22nd and we have a lot to celebrate. A great friendship, two pretty spectacular kiddos (if we don't say so, ourselves...hey, it's parental indulgence...we get to say they're perfect in public and beg for mercy behind the Curtain!) Like all marriages...we've had our sticky moments but I'm not ashamed to say that I love that man, like mad...He drives me absolutely bananas but he know exactly what I mean nearly all the time (and that's saying something, considering my typical convoluted thought process!)

Just so you don't start wondering when I'm going to start quoting corny poetry (and I COULD, oh yes,) I have to tell you that I've met someone new...

He's a little jumpy, sometimes runs hot, needs some time to cool down and tends to tumble about but WOW! The best part is that he's not afraid to tackle the laundry...

Lots and Lots of Laundry. Oh, and he's a Model. IFB 550 to be exact.

Sorry, I can't help myself:

Ode To My "Drying Machine"
I have lived without you since we moved away,
where I never appreciated the singular way,
you sped round and round, full of air and of heat,
ensuring that dampness and wrinkles didn't meet.

Each day we have missed you,
Relied on the sun,
While the clouds and the rain forced all color to run,
where our clothes all were faded, where underwear flapped,
And the wind and the dust and the smog were all mapped,
equally taking their turn to erode
any style, any fashion...load after load.

You are Back!
You've Returned! You have come!
To rescue our linens, our total, the sum,
of all we have witnessed,
of all we revere,
A pile of dry laundry, NOT hanging HERE.

Love is a funny thing. Really, I should probably be in love with the landlord...but he's getting paid every month and the Clothes Dryer needs me. Vimala and Lokesh don't know what to make of it and can't understand why I keep grabbing laundry from the dryer, throwing it on the bed and folding it with abandon.

Now to explain why we can't dry EVERYTHING...

The Fischers in India
Where life can be all together TOO exciting.

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