Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Prize...

Lay waiting underneath rough skin

and the sticky sap of a tree season...


Not so pretty. (I think Owen looks a little scared in the second picture!)

Huge and awkward to carry about. Not particulary easy to access. We spent months gazing upwards at these strange aliens, wondering what they might be.

Now, after seeing the work it takes to literally dig the tender, edible seed pods from the innards of this creature, I have to wonder who in world ever thought to open the first one! This, my friends, is a fruit which forces you to oil your hands before you begin...

The flavor is an exotic cross between banana, pineapple and really fresh melon. Jackfruit has it's own unique texture. Not juicy, not crunchy...rather smooth and a bit can peel sections off of each pod as you might a piece of string cheese (quite appealing to the younger set).
The Fischers in India
with a whole lot of blogging to do to make that 30 in 30 promise!

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