Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Rats are still after us...

By the Chinese calendar, I think it is particularly interesting to note that I am a "Rat."

It explains their strange affinity for us. Doesn't it?

Our Rat Escapades are apparently not over...

"Mommy, mommy, come quick and see! The big Rat just climbed out of his hole!" (Grayce)..
"Sure honey (absentmindedly reading an ill gotten People Magazine)"
"MOMMMMYYY!" I walk to the front door and look outside.
There on the front walkway, *In Broad Daylight* is the most ginormous Rat with the longest tail that I have ever seen.
He is stalking the kittens as they nurse with mama cat.
He is unequivocally the same size as the cat. Or perhaps a wild turkey.
He is mangy and ill looking and he stands there dumbly, staring at me and the hissing cat before he ambles unhurriedly across the street into the neighbors yard.
Where he is greeted by a bucket of cold water that my neighbor has tossed upon him from the window.
And he climbed out of a hole in our small patch of green, yes, he did. Yay!

I really did try and run for the camera...but by the time I returned he was gone. The kids are forbidden from playing outside alone for now. The "rodent man" stopped by (just in time to run into the cockroach man who was spraying our kitchen with poison! Yes! All the benefits of our past organic food lifestyle have already been used up by the constant presence of one sort of pesticide and pollutant or another...)

Yum. Yum. Yummy.
The Fischers
one with all life forms, I guess.

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