Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Tradition Sundays

Nothing too esoteric about Pizza. I love it. We make home made pizza every Friday night and have a "Chew and View" with the kids, watching a family movie. Typically a sweet treat is involved (usually home made hot fudge sauce over ice cream...couldn't be simpler...bittersweet chocolate and butter). Bob and I usually split a bottle of wine. We actually adopted this practice after moving back from India, where we often spent Friday evenings with our friends at their weekly "Chew and View." We missed our friends and it made Fridays seem more normal. Now, it's our family tradition, too.

This lovely specimen has a whole wheat crust with tomato sauce, carmelized onion, sauteed kale, sauteed mushrooms with rosemary, feta cheese, mozarella, and nitrate-free pepperoni topped off with a gremolata of fresh parsley, garlic and lemon zest (an accidentally terrific pizza topping...I'd made it and forgot about it as a garnish for braised lamb, and thus threw it on our pizza...delish!)

Home made pizza is SO good and SO easy that I no longer even like most delivery pizza.

Our entire family looks forward to this time together and the week feels incomplete when we have to skip it. Which led to my thinking more about family traditions (and how much fun it would be to post about that on a regulare basis) and how important they are at solidifying family relationships. It might *just* be pizza but it isn't. It's nourishment, which is a whole 'nother realm.

What traditions keep your family connected?

The Fischers
Pizza freaks in Minneapolis
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I am Allison said...

We do pancake Sundays.

Bridget said...

my parents started a valentine's tradition when my brother & were young. everyone has to make valentines for everyone store bought! then we have our annual valentines dinner: crab legs, pasta, salad & heart shaped jello (that nobody ever eats except my mom!) it's fun to continue it w/my parents, my brother & his family and the 3 of us. i love traditions.