Saturday, January 16, 2010


I hope my kids are always this close. That they grow to appreciate how siblings can be great friends and supporters of one another. That a sibling as friend means you will never be lonely, but always have someone you can reliably lean on.

One of the foundations of my life are my brother and sisters (1 brother and 4 sisters). We don't always agree. We are all imperfect. We've had periods where we grew apart. Growing up we fought at times. We've been angry or irritated by one another on more than one occasion. But we are woven together with the strongest thread and that means more to me than all the cappucino at Starbucks (and that, given my obscene coffee dependence, is saying alot). Our closeness didn't happen by accident but was nurtured along (despite the screaming catfights of adolescent girlhood) by our parents. I belive that this closeness is all about connection and a collective heart and that it we learn it by example... It isn't about perfect parenting or being perfect people. Instead, it's about openness and the willingness to stay present with one another, even as the ship is sinking and all the lifeboats are full of holes.

Maybe my kids will know this, too.

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